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Save Time And Money While Finding the Best Solution

Most startup companies are frustrated enough that they even have to get a 409A valuation. They correctly feel like they should conserve their cash and focus on the difficult-enough problem of becoming successful. Further, they question the reliability of any valuation of an early stage start up.

Larger companies recognize that 409A is a cost of offering an equity incentive program but want to ensure that they get the right firm and spend as little of their time and money to do so.

Regardless of your stage, 409A.com allows you to find the most competitive 409A offering specifc to your company's needs. Also our 409A specialists are available to answer any questions you have at any time.

Our Service Is FREE To You

When 409A firms compete for your business you can be sure that you will get the best value for your money. If you simply check with one firm or work with the first firm you contact, you may or may not get the best value. We create a competitive ring where the best firms in the business can vie for the opportunity to serve you.

Save Time

You could fill out 20 forms online and wait for valuation services firms to contact you. Then you would need to vet the firms and weed out firms who may not get you what you want. Even after you narrow your search to the finalists, you will need to have several conversations to compare them to each other. Finally, you will need to negotiate pricing.

Or you could let us do all of that for free. We collect nothing for our service from you. We have agreements in place with all of our pre-vetted valuation services firms to receive payments from them for our leads. Does that mean that you will pay more? No, in fact, we typically receive discounts because we bring a lot of volume to these companies. We guarantee we will match or beat the price of any similar valuation service firm. So you never need to worry about the value you receive.

Find the Best Valuation Fit

409A.com works tirelessly to stay aware of all of the best 409A solutions on the market. We have identified the best valuation services firms in the country. We pioneered the software-driven and do-it-yourself 409A valuation market with Capshare. We can couple valuation software with every valuation we facilitate. So we know that if you work through us you will get the best of services and software quality assurance.

It is easy to assume that price is the only thing that matters in 409A valuations. For some companies that may be true, but for many turnaround time, distraction, risk, strike price, and quality are important factors as well and shouldn't be ignored. We will help you find the optimal balance of price and quality that will decrease your overall, long-term costs.

What Do Our Customers Say?

We barely launched and already our clients love us. Join companies like SpinGo, Weave (Y-Combinator-backed), HubCast, and scores more in using 409A.com to get the best value 409A for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about 409A.com

Is this a free service, or will I have to pay for it, and if so how much?

The service is completely free, you will pay us nothing for what we do. 409A.com makes it’s money through its partners by providing valuation services firms with high quality leads and client relationships.

How do I know that you offer a quality solution that our company / board can rely on?

Before starting 409A.com, the founders started and sold one of the largest 409A valuation services companies in the country. We have worked in the valuation services business for close to 7 years. We understand the business. We have pre-vetted every firm in our network and we only work with firms that we know are high-quality.

I have already found an extremely inexpensive solution, why should I use 409A.com?

409A.com is free so it will not cost you anything to try it. Also, 409A.com will give you peace of mind to know that you found the lowest cost solution at any given level of quality since we bring multiple firms to the table that compete for your business.

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