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Benefits of Using Valuation Software believes that automation can increase quality while decreasing costs. We believe for most companies that best solution is a combination of great software and great services. We view software as a tool and valuation services professionals as the experts. Like a great surgeon with the best tools, we believe that the combination of best-in-class valuation software and pre-vetted valuation services professionals can be powerful. has partnered with pioneering valuation software provider Capshare to provide our clients with more automated valuation solutions.

The Capshare Equity Management and Valuation System

Capshare has built the world's most advanced 409A valuation software. But it offers far more than that. When you get a 409A valuation through, you can also receive free access to a limited subscription to Capshare as part of the price. Capshare is a comprehensive equity management solution. It keeps track of all of your equity including option grants, transfers, sales, etc. It manages all of your equity certificates and option grants electronically. It creates a cap table that you can share with your investors, lawyers, valuation partners, and auditors. It also offers cutting-edge valuation software, which makes the process of performing a valuation, whoever your ultimate partner is, significantly faster and less prone to human error. Here are some of the reasons why you should make sure your valuation service provider uses Capshare on your valuation.

Built by Valuation Professionals for Valuation Professionals

The founders of Capshare, many of which are Certified Valuation Analysts, built and sold a valuation services firm. We spent nearly 5 years working in the industry and have performed hundreds of valuations. We know how flexible Excel is but we also know that it has significant limitations. We built Capshare as a solution that allows valuation experts to eliminate busy and repetitive work best performed by software and focus on what they do best: exercise judgment.

Faster Turnaround Times

The Capshare valuation software saves hours of busy work. We have integrated with CapitalIQ and pre-created hundreds of lists of comps. We have created an automatic report generator tool that allows you to focus on the data and analysis rather than on word-smithing final reports. We have integrated an auditable and defensible breakpoint calculator that makes it easy to perform an option pricing analysis based on the most recent round of financing.

CapitalIQ Integration

By integrating directly with CapitalIQ, the Capshare valuation software gives users access to a deep database of similar transactions, public company data, etc. Capshare also ensures that the information pulled into the valuation comes directly from the source to help avoid any potential data entry issues. In addition, list of companies can be created and saved for later to ensure that the valuation moves as quickly as possible.

Audit-Ready (SOC-1 In Process)

Our primary focus is making your life easier. To that end, we built Capshare's valuation services software to make your valuations significantly more auditable. We are in the process of completing our first SSAE-16 audit which should make using our software that much more reliable.

So Much More Than Valuation

Any valuation performed in Capshare syncs with Capshare’s equity management, waterfall analysis, electronic certificate and legal doc automation tools. Those tools can be immediately available and useful to management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about valuation software

Doesn't every valuation firm use valuation software?

Surprisingly, not really. Most valuation firms use custom-built Excel models. While the professionals at these valuation firms are often some of the smartest and best-educated finance professionals in the world, they do not always use purpose-built valuation software beyond Excel. Excel does a lot of things very well, but it cannot match purpose-built valuation software for quality, speed, reliability, and auditability.

How much does valuation software cost me? is a free service to users. and its partner, Capshare, make money by charging valuation services firms for services rendered. So no, valuation software is included in the cost quoted by valuation service providers on

Why does the valuation software my service provider uses matter to me?

As we have mentioned above, using software can dramatically increase turnaround speed, quality, and can help to decrease the price of a valuation or update valuations. Further, using the software provides you with immediate access to your cap table, and waterfall analysis, online. You can issue stock and options directly from the system and this allows your valuation services firm to keep your valuation updated for you much easier.

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